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Leader - SangNoir

Director - TriTron

TW/XTW Marshal - FieryIceQueen
* PK Officer - demonVS
* PK Officer - Elsula
* XTW Officer - Phantomseeker

Training Marshal - CepheusX
* Data Officer - lildj
* Signup Officer - Macellinus
* Events Officer -

PK Marshal - MoonDaoko
* New Member Officer -
* Drama Officer -
* Instance Officer -

PWB Marshal - Tyanka
* PWB Officer -
* TNF Officer -


Assign officer & roles
Register for TW & XTW
Record Land Income
Operate Faction Base
Help send out XTW & PK pay
Distribute Faction Assets
Public Relations

Assist Leader with decision making
Assist Marshals

PK Marshal
PK Organizer
RW Organizer

Trials Marshal
Assists with PK
Faction Trials Coordinator

Recruiting Marshal
Assists with PK
Manages faction roster data

Data Marshal
Assists with PK
Manages faction attendance data

PK Officer
Assists with PK
Runs faction PK training

Signup Officer
Manages Auto-Signup Lists
Signs members up for TW & XTW
Advertises in faction chat for TW & XTW

PWB/TNF Officer
Advertises PWB & TNF
Collects money for PWB & TNF
Ensures squads are posted for attendance

TW Officer
Create Squads for TW
Assign Coordinators for TW
Assign Tower Builders for TW
Assign Cata Barbs/Lane Scouts
Manage Squad Attendance Postings

Pay Officer
Assists Leader with income disbursement
Helps with faction spreadsheet

Events Officer
Runs faction events

Recruiting Officer
Personal Recruiting
World Chat recruiting
Process new applications
Invite new members to faction
Update member names on spreadsheet

Data Officer
Records members attendance for TW, XTW, TNF
Makes sure all squads are posted

*** All officers can do the following tasks ***
Whisper Recruiting
World chat recruiting
Inviting characters to faction

*** Tasks for Recruiting Officers only ***
Accepting applications
Assigning permissions
Deleting Accounts on our website
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